Tengda – Modern Chinese infused with a Japanese flair and South Asian Twist

Leifer Properties

Tengda is one of the first Asian restaurants for lease in Westport, having been in town since 2002. Known for its innovative new style Asian cuisine, the restaurant has a prominent spot at 1330 Post Road East. Many regular customers dine at Tengda for their offering of modern Chinese cuisine infused with a Japanese flair and and South Asian twist. 

Leasing with Leifer Properties and working with Roger over the years, the owner Mike Zhao, only has wonderful things about his experience. He feels the company is extremely professional and truly cares for their tenants. If there is ever an issue, Leifer’s in-house team manages it seamlessly. When asked if he would recommend Leifer Properties to future business owners, he stated “100% yes! Roger is a great landlord and I would strongly recommend him. And not only do I feel this way, but his other tenants I have met up-and-down Post Road feel the say way. We are all happy.” It is clear he would recommend their rental properties in Westport.

If you haven’t already, please swing by Tengda to try their incredible food offerings. Follow them on social media.  

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