1720 Post Road East, Westport, CT

About the Property

1720 Post Road East is a two building office complex conveniently located to I-95 in Westport. This Westport office building has the surburban/residential scale, with quaint yet modern suites and executive offices for rent. It has clapboard siding, slate roofs and an environmentally conscious and highly efficient HVAC system and controls that assure tenant comfort and economy. Lightpath ultra-high speed fiber connections are also available for traders.

Property Facts

24,000 sq. ft.
Two building office complex
Convenient to I- 95
Outdoor dining
Small suites with fireplaces
oversized skylights and windows


Single Office Space
Office B. Single Office in a 5 Office Suite. Walk in off parking lot. Shared waiting area, shared bathroom.
Size: 125 sq. ft.
Rent: $950/month plus utilities.