125-131 Kings Highway North

125-131 Kings Highway North, Westport, CT

The Kings Highway North is a 20,000 sq. ft. four building medical office complex for rent in Westport with private entrances and offices. Parking is convenient to each specific office, and the property was designed to accommodate multiple practices. The Willows Medical Complex overlooks the Saugatuck River and Downtown Westport. Westport medical offices for lease range from 850-1,500-3,000 sq. ft. This property used to be affectionately referred to as “Fort Apache” due to its crenelating roof lines and formerly brown color. Yale Infertility Clinic recently opened its practice there. Tenants include surgeons, orthopaedists, dentists, therapists, opthamalogists, internists, plastic surgeons, etc. Tenants can have a “small town” practice while close to major hospitals.

Property Facts

20,000 sq. ft. Medical office complex
Four separate buildings providing tenant identity
Many suites have private entries
Parking close to medical offices’ entrances
Overlooking Saugatuck River and Downtown Westport


Office Space
127 Kings Highway N. Single office within 5 office suite. Office C $850/month. Walk-in off parking lot. Shared waiting area and bathroom. Sublet space also available.
Size: 125 sq. ft.
Rent: $850/per month
Medical Space
131 King Highway N. - Lower Level. MEDICAL. 4 Exam/Offices. Waiting area with reception and file room. Ground level-walk in. Medical complex.
Size: 1,200 sq.ft.
Rent: $900 per month per office
Medical Space
131 Kings Highway N. Medical Space/Dental - 2 Examination Rooms, consulting, reception and waiting area. Upper Level, walk-in
Size: 1,324 sq. ft.
Rent: $4,300/per month plus meter
Medical Space
129 Kings Highway N., Medical space from 1,778 sq. ft. to 1,950 sq. ft. Waiting area, reception, 2 to 3 exam rooms, offices.
Size: 1,778 to 1,950 sq. ft.
Rent: $38 per sq. ft./month NET

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