Leifer Properties supports the 2020 Westport Fine Arts Festival

Leifer Properties

Once again, Leifer Properties, with commercial rentals in Westport, has signed on as a sponsor of the 2020 Downtown Merchants Association’s Fine Arts Festival. With this year’s new dates, Saturday and Sunday May 30-31, the event is sure to draw crowds and kick off another special Fairfield County summer of fun!

Some new and exciting elements of this year’s festival are as follows. Church Lane is being used as an area for the entire community. The Artist Collective of Westport will be located on the street. They are also setting up a 100′ gallery tent for college level emerging artists, which includes BA and Masters Level Fine Arts Students. And, there will be a prize competition with a jury. The Masters level winner will take home $2,000, the Bachelors level winner will take $1,000, and 8 runners up will take home $250 each; all money funded by the Drew Friedman Foundation.

The expectation is that these two diverse collections will draw a significant number of patrons to the street. The DMA strongly believes that Roger Leifer and Leifer Properties support strengthens the backbone of this event. The ability to shut Church Lane for two days enables the Fine Arts Festival to be such a phenomenal event for artists, patrons and merchants.

So please save the *new* dates and join Leifer Properties, and their tenants of properties for lease in Westport, at the summer’s prominent arts and culture event on Connecticut’s Gold Coast.

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