Leifer Properties Installs State of the Art Climate Controls

Leifer Properties

leifer-properties-installs-climate-controlIn an effort to improve the functioning and efficiency of the heating and cooling systems in its properties, Leifer Properties is completing a revamping of the HVAC plants in a number of its properties. This will provide a more comfortable environment for tenants, allow the Property managers to monitor performance and comfort for an improved office and retail experience.

Working with Tri-Star Services and in cooperation with the Connecticut Light and Power Company, Leifer Properties is in the final stages of installing and compleing state of the art gas furnaces, controls, and radio thermostats that wirelessly talk to each other and to the central station. This allows Leifer Properties staff to view the Main Chiller and Boilers status, the actual temperatures in each tenant space, adjust the heating and cooling setpoints, and be aware of any systems’ components which are not functioning properly. Tenant spaces are pre-cooled or heated, as the season requires, so that there are set to the tenant’s comfort level before they arrive at work, and are setback at the end of the workday, weekends and holidays in order to conserve energy and expenses. After hours overrides are no problem.

The entire buildings HVAC environment is accessible by internet anywhere in the world and are monitored in live time on Leifer Properties staff’s Iphones and Ipads- an amazing technological advancement.

These advanced systems are presently operational in a number of Leifer Properties and are receiving accolades from tenants, managers and the utility company executives. Additional properties are being converted to Facility Explorer manufactured by Johnson controls, with new Mod-Com boiler on-demand installations.

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