Leifer Properties celebrates its Tenants at the Levitt Pavillion

Leifer Properties

Last night marked another spectacular summer evening at the Levitt Pavilion in Westport. Leifer Properties’ tenants of both commercial and retail spaces in Westport came out to enjoy each other’s company as well as a special performance by Broadway artist Frank Mastrone & Friends.

Before the performance, Leifer Properties’ tenants mixed and mingled at a special gathering with food and drink hosted by the company. While the sun began to set, they found their reserved front row seats. 

Carleigh Welsh, the marketing and development director of the Levitt Pavilion, introduced Roger Leifer, a signature sponsor of the popular venue, and notably their Sunday series. Carleigh described Roger as someone who epitomizes supporting the arts, who cares about defining Westport, making it a welcoming place, a thriving place, and a cultural destination as well as a wonderful community. Roger then had the pleasure of introducing Frank Mastrone.

On this tenant appreciation evening, Leifer Properties was able to celebrate their tenant family and also introduce the packed crowd on the lawn to their company, which owns office and retail buildings for lease in Westport. And, most importantly, they continued to support a sparkling summer Sunday where the Levitt Pavilion was able to present a world class artist free of charge, so community members could come out to get to know one another and the arts. 

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