East Meets West in Style

Leifer Properties

West Coast Style in Westport

Driving down Post Road, you will surely notice a West Coast vibe in this East Coast town. WEST has a strong presence at 117 Post Road East  and now the brand new Letarte has found its home at 123 Post Road East.

With locations in Nantucket, Greenwich, Southhampton, Palm Beach and Maui to name a few; finding a retail space for rent in Westport was an ideal choice for this luxe boutique.

The brand has signature beaded and embroidered details on sexy swimsuits and cover-ups. They use shells, coral, tortoise and bamboo on their designs, and will be launching a line of Letarte branded tops, dresses, jewelry and bags.

Alison McFerran, the president, talks about her new assortment as “a lifestyle collection which encompasses West Coast influences and East Coast roots and charm.”

Boutiques looking for retail rentals in Westport, gravitate towards Leifer Properties downtown locations because of their upscale presence. As Letarte transitions to Westport, be sure to check out their summer warehouse sale August 15-18 at their old offices in Fairfield at 180 Carter Henry. Then, get super excited for their permanent home here in Westport and join their opening party celebration on 8/23 from 6-9pm. It will be an evening to officially  welcome their West Coast style to Westport!

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