Local Artist Drew Klotz featured at Leifer Properties

Leifer Properties

Leifer Properties proudly features artwork by Fairfield County artist Drew Klotz, whose early interest in the aerodynamics of flight directed his creative talents to unique kinetic sculptures. Drew’s artwork caught the eye of Roger Leifer about 8 years ago while he was visiting the Bruce Museum Art Show in Greenwich with his sculptor friend Gary Trazek (Kineticsteelcom). After viewing Drew’s brightly painted high quality enamel kinetic sculptures revolve and dance with the wind, he felt these works of art would look great in front of some of his properties and also wanted to provide public artwork for Westporters to enjoy as they travel around town.

To find the perfect visible locations for the works Drew would design, Roger toured some of his properties with Drew and his wife, fine artist Audrey Moffley Klotz. Joining them on this tour were Gary Trazek from Miami and Jim Martin (jimmartinsculpture.com) from California, artist friends whose work he already owns.

Drew had one work that consisted of circles on both ends of 2 rotating swiveling arms, and Roger asked if he could re-design that particular piece to be displayed at Leifer Properties medical center, The Willows, on Kings Highway North. Drew did some sketches with female and male symbols, fabricated the piece, and installed it at the location. Then an amazing thing happened. Approximately 6 months later, Yale Fertility Center (yalefertilitycntr.com) was looking for a location in Westport, and decided on The Willows. Roger now believes, “If you build it, they will come!” With the male and female symbols dancing in the wind in front of their center, you have the miracles of modern science in the shadow of Drew Klotz’s whimsical sculpture.

Over the years, Roger has received many positive comments about Drew’s work from tenants at all his locations as well as Westport residents and visitors to town. Westport is a community that truly values art and design, and Leifer Properties is proud to bring more public outdoor highly visible works of “Happy Art”.​

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